Joint Statement of the Leaders of Six Political Parties (Ankara, 27-28 March 2022)

As the six political parties representing society in the broadest range, we reached a full agreement on the "Transition to a Strengthened Parliamentary System" based on consultation and reconciliation rather than polarization, with an unprecedented sense of cooperation in Turkish political history, and shared the text of our joint memorandum of understanding with our nation on February 28th.

We came together again today to assess and further advance the areas of cooperation we agreed upon at our meeting on February 12th in an effort to build "Tomorrow's Turkey".

First of all, we have created a working group within the scope of the roadmap for transition to a Strengthened Parliamentary System.

We discussed the political developments of the past month and exchanged views on the draft electoral law aimed at impairing our unity.

We want our nation to know that our unity, which is based on democratic principles, will not be affected by such political engineering efforts. We are determined to continue our cooperation in full harmony.

On the other hand, we have created another working group in order to ensure electoral security to fully reflect the national will to parliament, no matter the circumstances.

Today, we also discussed the deep economic crisis that our country is currently facing.

Arbitrary policies that are disconnected from reason, science, reality and that lack a culture of consultation, which started to be implemented with the Presidential Government System, have led to a high cost of living, unemployment and poverty, and economic vulnerabilities have increased significantly.

Along with these issues, we also discussed the Russia-Ukraine war, which sparked off a deep international crisis. Stability and peace in our region are threatened by the Russian Federation's aggression on Ukraine's territorial integrity in violation of the international law. This crisis has once again shown us the importance of a rational, consistent foreign policy that takes into account the medium and long-term strategic interests of our country.

We would like to address all our citizens from here; we are determined to take Turkey out of this darkness. Our hopes and faith in the future are much greater than Turkey's problems.

The memorandum of understanding on the Strengthened Parliamentary System and the cooperation we have maintained have increased our nation's hope and faith in the future.

Our goal is to put an end to the profound problems we are facing through consultation and to provide each and every citizen with a decent standard of living and prosperity.

We would like to inform the public that, contrary to the separation and polarization policies of the government, we will continue our work in unity and with consensus.